Thursday, May 03, 2007

Theology For All

Theology for All Conference - Carl Trueman, from September 2006, this was a great one day conference which looked at today's church issues from the angle of church history. Carl Trueman gave us a fresh insight into current issues, but also showed great humility by not speaking into areas he didn't know about.

Blogged at the time

Mark Dever will speak at the 2007 TFA conference

Drawing on his expertise in the fields of ecclesiastical and historical theology, Mark Dever will address the following subjects:
• Lessons from the Past
What lessons should today’s Church learn from this past, particularly the Puritans.

• Lessons for the Present
Building biblically faithful churches today.

• Looking to the Future
Given the new issues now facing Christians in the West which may put pressure on Churches not to stand against the tide – how can good theology help us?
Please email or phone Tania Raiola., (01223) 566601

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