Thursday, May 03, 2007

Simple preaching

"...then there is that current evangelical rock star, John Piper! What a gift John is to the church. While too many of us are saying a lot of things quickly and running on to the next, John stops and stands and stays and stares at God’s Word. Sometimes he stares at something that seems so obvious, but he keeps staring until it begins to expand and fill the horizon of his sight. It becomes rich and detailed and luscious and intricate and full and demanding and hope-giving and life-affirming and sin-denying and sacrifice-requiring—and adjective-adding. John prays and thinks until a part of God’s Word which seemed simple and obvious becomes fresh and powerful..."

Mark Dever, Introdution to Preaching the Cross


  1. I find Piper has some really helpful insights, and he has changed how i've thought about a few things. However when it comes to Piper - and the rock star bit of this quote is a perfect example, often I am nervous about how so many evangelicals almost worship him. In some circles to disagree with Piper is tantamount to not believing in the Trinity. Sometimes its dangerous to put people on such high pedastels...

  2. Agreed - I would imagine that Piper is, like any of us would be, embarrassed by the 'status' - and it was a bit cheeky by Dever to say it... that said, i think plenty of people are happy to differ with Piper on many things. He is the happy face of Calvinism though which is a sure-fire positive.