Saturday, May 12, 2007

Seven Days

Conversation continues about the glories of Penal Substitution


1. Hosea

Tim Rudge taking 'Team Without a Leader' through this amazing book of the Bible. How awful our spiritual adultery is, how amazing thatthe Faithful One lives the repentant life so we can return in him.

2. The Bickersteth Trampoline


3. Grill-a-Christian.

Knowing that Christianity can take serious examination. That sandcastles are better than mudpies. That the new creation is about Jesus. That marriage is good. That the Bible is reliable. That the first comission is good. And that we did need that one copy of Why Trust The Bible to give away.

4. Still flying.

Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers with Will.
The allegorical bit of Galatians with Matt.
Humility in Christ, from the story of Uzziah
It wasn't tongues, it was Spanish.

5. Sean & Liz

Enjoying hospitality. Feeling blessed.

6. Pierced for our transgression

Finally, 10 copies arrived.

7. Photo(s) of the Week

Musing this morning about an seminar on 'Election' in a couple of weeks... this is a doctrine we can only with our hearts engaged in the exhiliration of the gospel promises and the anguish of those who don't believe... Election only makes sense when humanity is seen as in God's image and yet under wrath for our foolish rebellion... And delighted that this isn't a theoretically obscure thing but fuel for humility and evangelism.

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