Friday, May 18, 2007

Sennacherib's folly

It's no joke to say that God's word is sharper than a double-edged sword, discerning the heart and exposing us. People speak today of bringing unity between the three monotheistic faiths... but God is having none of that. Sure there is room for much mutual understanding but the God of The Bible speaks with reference to the boasts of Assyrian King Sennacherib. He boasted of having defeated all the gods of the earth:
"And they spoke of the God of Jerusalem
as they spoke of the gods of the peoples of the earth,
which are the work of men's hands."
2 Chronicles 32:19
Soon after his army was defeated and he died in the house of his own god. A god who, by his non-existence, could not even protect Sennacherib from the wrath of his own family who killed him in his temple.

Pluralism is a doomed project. And it's one that it seems only the Secularists want to see happen. They who believe that all gods are false would ask us to put aside all our differences so that we all agree. But when you remove the differences we do agree. But that 'unity' is completely insubstantial. It's a vaccous nonsense. A Muslim and a Jew would not accept that Jesus is God, and get a Christian dare not speak of the Godhead without all three persons of the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If the Jews are right, then Christians and those who proclaim any other god are wrong. So too, the Christian must say that the 'monotheistic' non-Trinitarian gods that men follow are figments of human imagination, the work of human creativity rather than of ultimate reality.

How do I know that I follow the right religion? How do I know that God exists?
Not because I presume it - though Richard Dawkins might beg to differ. Firstly, I believe in God because I have no other explanation for the resurrection of Jesus other than divine intervention. And secondly because the God who raised Jesus from the dead is the Only God. There is no other. And he has spoken in his Son, through his word. There are no other real options to follow unless I want to worship my own imagination.

That is incredibly offensive to say. It sounds arrogant, but I say it humbly. Humility today seems to be divorced from certainty, but it shouldn't be. I laud it over no-one to confess my trust in the God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. I'm a wretch, hauled out of my rebellion by a loving God to whom I am truly thankful. He who rescued me into a new people, a people of His word - united in Jesus Christ, raised from the dead with Him.

I could not have seen this had he not opened my eyes. I did not see this until he did. Consequently I expect those who aren't Christians to find these claims highly dubious. Even offensive in some cases. And yet, I'm equally convinced that some will find Jesus as irrestible and unavoidable as I did 10 years ago. What he has to say is unsettling and uncomfortable and yet when Jesus speaks he has an uncanny ability to discern my heart like no-one else. And what he says bears serious and careful consideration.


  1. Hi Dave, happy (belated) birthday. I wrote an article last year which deals with some of the same issues. I think it's so important to stress the compatibility of humility and conviction - indeed to show that Christian conviction necessitates humility.

  2. i remember reading the article then. well worth flagging up afresh. thanx.