Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reformed and charismatic

Calvin has a bad reputation with some, which is totally unwarranted. Most of this is because people think that the aberration known as 'hyper-calvinism' is what Calvin taught. It's not. The other is because many haven't read the awesome Institutes of Christian Religion which is the both warm and readable. Calvin wrote to his day and so doesn't talk about many subjects, but with a Bible and an eye on the church today we can look for the implications of the high view of God in salvation that Calvin so clearly asserts.

With reference to holding a high view of God's sovereignty, Peter Day asserts:
  • Reformed theology should motivate evangelism
  • Reformed theology should encourage seeking after spiritual gifts and healing
Spot on, in my opinion. Read more at Charismatic Hypercalvinists?
See also: John Piper's biography of Andrew Fuller who refuted 'hypercalvinism' in his day, setting William Carey free to birth the modern missions movement


  1. Great article! Keep it up.
    nice site.

  2. who's peter day? is it peter dray in disguise?

  3. Well I'm definitely Peter Day. I'm from South East London, UK.

    Thank you, Dave, for your comments and the link. God's sovereignty is such a liberating motivation. "Success" is not down to us, but all of His amazing grace. What a relief!

  4. And I'm Peter Dray!

    Peter Day, I keep hearing about you from others because of our mysteriously similar names. Shame you are just missing a consonant...!