Saturday, May 19, 2007


Dave Cruver interviews Mark Lauterbach

Good questions, good answers...

Q1. Would you explain your journey toward Gospel-Centeredness? Was there a watershed moment or sequence of moments?
Q2. Has your understanding of "the Gospel is for Christians" altered other facets of your theology? Why? Why not?
Q3. In your opinion, why do many Christians view the Gospel as only for unbelievers?
Q4. How do you stay Gospel-Centered in your preaching without allegorizing?
Q5. What is the most challenging aspect for you in preaching? What have you done to overcome these challenge(s)?
Q6. What advice would you share with people who are aspiring Pastors/Elders/Counselors within a church?
Q7. What are some of the challenges you face as a Pastor in California?
Q8. Who are your past/present heroes of the faith? What draws your attention to them?
Q9. You have written a book called The Transforming Community: The Practice of the Gospel in Church Discipline. Can you explain why you wrote it and what your hopes are for the book?

Mark Lauterbach's Sermons
Mark Lauterbach on Gospel-centredness

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