Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dawkins' rebuttals & Bell's brushstrokes

The paper back edition of The God Delusion arrives and Richard Dawkins offers a few rebuttals to the main criticisms he's faced, in The Times today.

Richard Dawkins - How dare you call me a fundamentalist
  • I’m an atheist, but I wish to dissociate myself from your shrill, strident, intemperate, intolerant, ranting language...
  • You can’t criticise religion without detailed study of learned books on theology...
  • You ignore the best of religion and instead . . .
  • You’re preaching to the choir. What’s the point?
  • You’re as much a fundamentalist as those you criticise...
  • I’m an atheist, but people need religion.

Also in The Times today:
Rob Bell - Repainting the faith with a broad brush which describes Bell's ministry and the way Don Carson contrasts Bell with Mark Driscoll. Is Bell the new Billy Graham? Or someone to be concerned about...

"Carson contrasts him to Mark Driscoll in Seattle who, curiously, also runs a large church called Mars Hill. Driscoll, unlike Bell, responds to the “postmodern turn” by being “unwaveringly confessional” while remaining contemporary in speech and worship styles. Bell, on the other hand, is a “work in transition”, Carson says, who is less reflective on the concept of sin and how to communicate it."

Then Carson suggests a reason for the growth of Bell's Mars Hill Church to 10,000 members from nothing (reputedly without any advertising):

“He serves in Grand Rapids — home of many Reformed churches, many of them very traditional and more than a little stuffy. To people from that background, Rob is a breath of fresh air.”

I'll continue my series of posts on Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis in due course.


  1. 'Bell's Mars Hill Church'? is that last paragraph about Mark Driscoll or Rob Bell?

  2. Both of their churches are called Mars Hill... confusing eh?

  3. eh? thats bonkers! mind you, i saw a list of about 70 newfrontiers churches yesterday, and they've only got about 4 different names between them!

  4. Mars Hill is from the Bible... the Areopagus...

    When you said you met Adrian, are we talking Warnock?

  5. oh yeh i'd forgotten that, but still, multi confusing.
    it was adrian holloway i say on saturday, i don't think Warnock was there...although it was someone from his church who preached at Fam on sunday.