Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Luke Wood is reading on a mission.
"I long to be in a place where my mind is more and more robust,
thinking right, therefore doing right."


  1. What a remarkably succinct summary of that common, but deeply flawed approach to human transformation that over emphasises intellectual, rational instruction and ignores the width of Jesus teaching in the gospels about how human transformation happens!

  2. C'mon Tom, you know that's not what's being meant and Luke's article says as much:

    "But a love for Christ compels us to continually engage our minds. We keep on reading because it fuels our faith. Of course we mustn't over-intellectualise the gospel and in so doing fail to realise its power. But it strikes me that, in terms of young children, and boys in particular, we are more in danger of going the other way."

    For some of us we might get too rationalistic - you and I perhaps. But for most of the church I think Luke is on the money... it's a bare minimum to get our thinking sorted, along with transformation in the rest of life too.

    But do tell as to what that would look like...

  3. Thanks for the link Dave. Happy Birthday!