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Atheist Warlord?

The Times today greated me with the question:
Is religion a poison?

Move-over Professor Dawkins...

Chrisopher Hitchins arrives with his new book:
God is not great.

Introduced today - Man vs. God - ahead of an exclusive extract tomorrow.

God is not Great - from
Albert Mohler on Christopher Hitchins

Douglas Wilson & Christopher Hitchens, letters in Christianity Today


  1. I read the article and by the looks of it he picks and chooses what he wants. He says that he wants his children to know the bible and rituals so that they can understand shakespeare (rather odd methinks)...everyone likes the benifits of religion, but as soon as you realise the cost they are suddenly up in arms and saying religion is the fuel for all bad things in this world...

    It is sad :o(

  2. I don't think it's just a rejection of the cost of religion that prompts the arms to be throw into the air!

    Religion is not totally innocent, and the bullying and stupidity that Hitchins speaks of are certainly real, and all too prevalent. Have a little trip around America,where he lives, and you will see plenty of bad religion - bigoted, self righteous, idolotrous (nation state, freedom, democracy, free market capitalism, 1950s western moral and social values - none of them are God, even if some of them are good things to a various extent!).
    It's so very important that we reflect the love and grace of Jesus in all we do and say, so that the glory goes to God, and shows that the above has nothing to do with him.

    But....what Hitchins, and Dawkins, et al, manage to do, is in their unbelief, completely blind themselves to all the good done in the name of God.
    Dawkins manages to write Jesus out of Martin Luther Kings movement,despite his main influences being Jesus (so, God then!), Gandhi (inspired by Jesus) and Tolstoy (a Christian, inspired by - Jesus!)
    When people see a church that is truly a blessing to the world, I believe fewer people will so vehemently reject its founder.

    Make any sense?!

  3. Chris,

    I agree. These guys give us a help - in fact maybe that's why God raises them up to attack us: they may have a point, to some extent. Let us hear their critique (See: Poirer on The Cross & Criticism)

    As for heroes. Seriously, you can do better than those guys who didn't really give much attention to Jesus. Go for Wilberforce. Go for those of whom the world was not worthy in Hebrews 10-11. Go for the possessors of eternal joy. Go for the persecuted Christians of 1 Peter who live lives so glorious and good that opponents are ashamed of themselves!

  4. Obviously I don't think religion is totally innocent, its made up of people...which are sinners!!

    What I mean is, the guy likes the benifit of being labelled a "christian" or wotever because then you can get into certain schools, claim your in a "christian country" etc etc a bit like my parents so I know a bit about this. But when it comes to giving your life to Jesus, sacrificing everything for Him, not living for your own means but for God..suddenly its a problem and faith should be kept personal... none of this biblical teaching on homosexuality, abortion, marriage, sex...society doesn't like that! But it does like the nice Jesus stories...awww

    Get what I am saying?!

    And...gandhi wasn't a Christian - he may of been inspired by Jesus, but as far as I am away he wasn't inspired enough to submit to Him as Lord and Savour.

    When people have their hearts unvieled to the Glory of the Gospel...then fewer people will reject Christ.

  5. "When people see a church that is truly a blessing to the world, I believe fewer people will so vehemently reject its founder."

    True, but don't take it too far Chris.


  6. "When people see a church that is truly a blessing to the world, I believe fewer people will so vehemently reject its founder."

    Or rather, it'll seem strange to the world.

    These are vital points in our apologetics aren't they:

    " is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it? But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God. ....keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander"

    Our lives are part of our apologetic. They may not convince. They wont stop opposition. But they will make it strange - strange that the most compassionate and kindest people in society are persecuted. Sadly, I doubt we are always the most compassionate group of people...

  7. Doug Wilson is blogging through "God is Not Great" very entertainingly and incisively, as well as debating with Hitchens:


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