Saturday, April 14, 2007

Your blood speaks a better word

The core content of the gospel is always underfire but that has particularly been the case in recent years with attacks by Steve Chalke & Alan Mann and Jeffery John on the glorious doctrine of penal substitution.

Richard Cunningham addressed taught the cross clearly at Word Alive this year from Hebrews 9, something that must continue to keep mission agencies like UCCF in safe hands.

And Adrian Warnock is on the case:

Does the cross of Jesus matter
Quotes from Leon Morris
Attacks on penal substitution
Historical Background
The mission of Jesus
Quotes from Jim Packer

IVP sold out of Pierced for our transgressions but I finally got hold of a copy last night. Temporarily I have custody of Ed's Word Alive Review Copy.

At we've added some new articles on the cross this month:

Dan Strange - The Many Splendoured Cross
Mark Meynell - The Shedding of Blood for a Sin-ravaged World

See also

Mark Dever - Nothing but the blood

"a nominal Christian is happy to prove the importance of the crucified redeemer.... but the true Christian delights in the cross, rejoices in it, glories in it and shudders at the thought of glorying in anything else" - Charles Simeon

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