Sunday, April 22, 2007

Seven Days

MP3 of the Week

Matthew Sleeman at Arborfield on Titus 1v1-4 - Message & Ministry.

I've not done this for a few weeks...

1. Freeway & Caroline Bridges

Saturday evening gig at The Swan, Arborfield. Most enjoyablel

2. Discovery
I'm convinced that Mark Lauterbach is one of the most thoughtful bloggers. Now some of his sermons can be found at Sermon Cloud.

Mark has made one of the most helpful posts related to the word alive story.

3. Gareth

Final supervision with South East Team Leader Gareth Davies. I've worked with Gareth for a little under six years since he joined UCCF in September 2000. He's been a godly example of care for the gospel and care for people. Notable for his shirts, his liturgical dancing, his Forum seminars on Unity, his infamous sale of Systematic Theology, his work with the NUS and many, many things. He moves on at the end of this month to work for Care who "provide resources and helps to bring Christian insight and experience to matters of public policy and practical caring initiatives"

4. Esther 1-3
Studying it with Tim.

Don't be Esther. Maybe I'm wrong but it's not good for a Christian girl to beautify herself so she can seduce a powerful non-Christian and keep it quiet that she's a Christian... granted God used this behaviour in Esther's life...

God's the unnamed hero - prize God's promises of saving his people even though the wrathful Xerxes has sanctioned their annihilation...

5. Farnham
Penultimate visit to the University College for the Creative Arts Christian Union in Farnham. The clock is counting down.

6. The West Wing
Season five. Good tv on DVD.

7. Photo of the Week -

"Mike Reeves is my theology advisor"

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