Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Seven Days

MP3 of the Week

Steve Abery - Get on the train to God's new creation - from our all-age service this morning.

I've not done this for a few weeks...

Been injured since Thursday, but almost recovered now.

2. Cell notes
Very enjoyable experience of working on my final set of cell notes for Reading CU on 2 Chronicles & Esther.

3. Walking in the sunshine.
Days off with my wife. Sunny skies. And lunch from the Wellington Farm Shop. Summer in April is great. Global warming? Woop.

4. Church
We'd missed the last two meetings with our church here and it was nice to be back home with them. Also exciting to have visited Trinity Church last week... maybe we'll be there next year...

5. Entertaining.
Good friends visiting us for dinner. And visiting others for dinner. Friends are a precious gift. As is food.

6. Evie Morgan.
Dedicated on Sunday.

7. Pic of the week:

What Andy did to Tom's room... I imagine Relay 1 will be a riot next year...
More of them on facebook

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