Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Preachers Heart

Are you called to preach?

HT: Ed Goode

And Jonathan Thomas:
"This morning I started the new book ‘pierced for our transgressions’ and was nearly bouncing off my chair with excitement when I read their explanation and application of Exodus 12. Then I moved onto John Piper ‘Future grace’ and my heart felt strangely warmed as I read and re-read the fact that I am saved by grace and I will be kept by grace. To see that Christ’s grace is sufficient for today, tomorrow, next week, and all the way into glory was a real encouragement –particularly for a natural worrier like myself. Then I spent some time looking at the ‘reformation study Bible (ESV)’ and really enjoyed it. But it only gets better. I put my iPod on and started listening to ‘songs for the cross centred life’ (SGM) and had all these great truths applied not only to my head but to my heart."

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