Sunday, April 08, 2007

Life is for living

Whilst most people I knew went to Skegness for the last old word alive we disappeared away to Falmouth. I left the laptop behind so I've had a mountain of email to sort along with nine days worth of washing. So what did we miss? An apparently cracking set of talks on Hebrews, the folly of Jeffery John branding God a psychopath... that aside it seems life mostly went on as before. 'Coincidentally' whilst we were looking after Kenny & Anna's house it seems they were looking after my students.

(featuring John Piper, Don Carson and Terry Virgo... oh yes! But actually, what's really exciting isn't well known names, but seeing a group of people who take The Cross so seriously, and not just in theory but in practice)

To mark April Fools Day we joined the middle classes. Much time was spent in gardens and on beaches enjoying good conversation and much book reading. The highlight was probably seeing dolphins on the ferry back from St. Mawes and then some fine fish & chips in the harbour. We also watched the fourth series of West Wing and I had some quality times in Proverbs learning to really live.

And this evening I've just found myself chatting on MSN to a guy I've not seen since the second year at Uni. Good times.

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