Monday, April 09, 2007

Hold firm to the trustworthy word

Fred Sanders on Union With Christ. We have to get clarity on this issue - and the best place to start is the Bible, and after that John Calvin's Institutes of Christian Religion. Seriously. God has done a number of big things in me in the last few years, not so much to change my beliefs but to give me a wholehearted convictions. This is one of the most lifegiving. He's also seriously fixed my doctrine of creation. I remember in my UCCF staff interview in 2003 being pressed as to why it's good to have friends and not really being able to get past 'for the sake of evangelism'. Life is so much better when you can just live it as a gift from God to be enjoyed. So too with union with Christ - not only can I enjoy life, but I can enjoy it totally wrapped up in Christ as a Son! That's a word worth holding very firmly.

On a slightly different topic... link of the day: Steve Timmis at the 2007 Acts 29 Boot Camp in Seattle, on Gospel-Driven Church Planting

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