Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Clear heads, passionate hearts

"Just as one of the mottos of the Reformation was semper reformanda, being radically biblical is going to involve us in the same dynamic process of trying to order more and more of our lives and thinking in line with the will of Jesus Christ. We’re going to go on being radically biblical. I would say this, though: that we want to be a college which is known for its students growing in faith. Faith is in an interesting idea. It captures, in its biblical sense, both knowledge and trust. It’s something that involves both the head and the heart and so we want to be a college where people are grounded, confirmed and increased in what they know of God and his will through his word, but where their hearts and affections are correspondingly warmed towards him. Faith involves both. It would be wonderful if our graduates took out into the churches where they are working that kind of faith: clear heads that know the truth and hearts that are passionate about Jesus and making him known."

Interview with Mike Ovey, Principal-Elect Oak Hill College


  1. I'm not getting a good link for that Ovey interview.

  2. Here is an interview with the Principal of another evangelical theological college. I pray that God would use both colleges to train godly Christian leaders for our churches.