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The word is out...

The temperature is rising on a sad but essential parting of ways. Last month Pierced for our transgressions was published by IVP as a thorough and warm defence of the glorious doctrine of penal substitution. I'm currently reading a copy I managed to borrow - since the first print run sold-out quickly. IVP assure me that the second print run will be available by the start of next week!

Gospel-loving blogger Adrian Warnock is writing extensively about penal substitution and his path meandered to the launch of New Word Alive:
"New Word Alive has managed to confirm a fantastic line-up of main preachers: John Piper, Terry Virgo, and Don Carson will all be speaking at the event. Not much wonder that the New Word Alive Facebook group has jumped to almost 900 members already! If they will have me, I may just have to try and go along with my whole family and live-blog, like I did at Together On A Mission 06."
This is a conference specifically designed to be cross-exalting and life-changing as the New Word Alive website says...
" We rejoice in opening up the Scriptures with some of the most gifted Bible teachers of our time, and as we acknowledge God’s transforming work in our lives we want to respond in heartfelt, passionate worship and prayer. We long to see lives shaped and changed by an authentic experience of the gospel of grace."
This is a conference for all the family that promised to get people together for the sake of the gospel, rather than for anything else.

Related articles:
  • Tim Suffield on Evangelicalism Divided : "Word Alive was formally a conference within a conference at Spring Harvest, the more biblical bit without the incessant trappings of evangelical subculture, if you will. Less flag waving, prophetic painting and false stumbling blocks to the cross of Christ, that kinda thing. In other words: it was reformed."
  • David Gibson on Assumed Evangelicalism: some reflections en route to denying the gospel : "Assumed evangelicalism believes and signs up to the gospel. It certainly does not deny the gospel. But in terms of priorities, focus, and direction, assumed evangelicalism begins to give gradually increasing energy to concerns other than the gospel and key evangelical distinctives, to gradually elevate secondary issues to a primary level, to be increasingly worried about how it is perceived by others and to allow itself to be increasingly influenced both in content and method by the prevailing culture of the day."
Pierced for our Transgressions & NT Wright
UCCF & Spring Harvest statements:


  1. People should definitely read Gibson on assumed evangelicalism (follow the link) - I remember reading this in RTSF when it first came out (2002?) and was struck by how it described so much of what was going on in churches I had grown up in. This deserves a wider audience.

  2. Perhaps you might like to add to your list of posts on this subject a couple which you probably don't agree with, mine and Dave Warnock's. I note that you have commented several times on the latter and a follow-up to it.

  3. Thanks for adding the links I suggested. You will find more links to this post on Dave Warnock's blog, and soon on mine.


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