Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ten reasons why I love The Law

  1. God said it. Any words God says are precious. Doesn't matter whether they're addressed to me or not. God said let there be light to make the universe. I love that. So too the words he said to Israel, through angels via Moses.
  2. God's promises and commands to his people reveal his character. He is faithful - both in blessing Israel's obedience and cursing their rebellion.
  3. What happened to Israel after they disobeyed the law reminds me to take Jesus seriously. This is the message of Hebrews 1v1-2v4. Angels delivered the law and it's words were binding, how much more seriously must we take the words of the one who is so much higher than the angels.
  4. The things that the law teaches are shadows of the gospel reality. Shadows of atonement and the presence of God. See Hebrews 10.
  5. The faithful among God's people loved it. Psalmists speak of their delight in the Lord and their delight in his law. Anything that can bring God's people godly joy is good.
  6. Jesus says that the books of Moses are about him. John 5v44-45.
  7. Reading the law makes us desperate for someone to come who will deal with the sin problem, because the law clearly wasn't God's way of doing that.
  8. The law restrained sin in Israel. This preserved the nation, and ultimately allowed the Messiah to come from the Jews and so for sure salvation to all peoples. Imagine what would have happened if there had been nothing to fence them in.
  9. The Law was what the prophets preached to Israel. Without it we wouldn't have their message. When it was read and explained in Nehemiah 8-9 it led to hours of joy and confession and worship.
  10. Jesus fulfills the law perfectly. Matthew 5v17-18.

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