Thursday, March 15, 2007

Strange way to start a revolution

So... post 999.
  • God could give everyone enough but he make some rich and others poor.
  • God could speak clearly to everyone but he gives the message to one and not to another.
  • God could speak intelligibly to all, but gives a tongue to one and an interpretation to another.
In the first case so that the rich can give to the poor and learn about the grace of God in Jesus - that he too was rich but to save us became poor..... In the second so that one can share the grace they've found. In the third we learn to need one another for our growth.

If we were just individuals living "my personal relationship with Jesus" none of these things would make sense, but we're a body and he designs ways for us to learn that! A body where everyone can do everything is no use to anyone... but when we're all dependent upon each other we grow by working together... and giving credit to the one who gives all gifts and all things.

Tangled souls...


  1. I love Martyn Joseph. Even if he has gone slightly strange theologically over the last few years.

    Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat the other day.

  2. Congratulations on post 999, and for the one tomorrow (I hope) too! I love reading what you have to say. Lots of love from your village in middle England!

  3. Nice touch of the Martyn Josephs...
    And great thoughts re church community. We lose so much in our individualism... God has wired us for community.

  4. You didn't decide to stop blogging on post 999 did you?

  5. Dave!!! Please don't stop at 999...oohh the suspense is killing lol!!!

  6. Mr.Bish...where is post 1000??

  7. It's coming Hopkins... but you can talk...