Saturday, March 10, 2007

Seven Days

Links of the week:

David Field on Galatians 3 according to the Conservative Party... hmmm.


MP3s if the week!

1. Post 997

This one is that. So, crossing the 1000 threshold next week then... how did that happen!

2. Simulation and Simulacra

Jean Baudrillard is dead - so the media says.

3. That'll be a flood plain then..

Walking over to Arborfield on Monday to find the path under water... not just a little, but a new river flowing knee deep. Let's just say I got wet, and it smelled bad.

On arrival a very encouraging missions team meeting.

4. Sons!

Jesus outside. Jesus inside. Sons of God. Galatians with Matt on Friday.

5. Stew

Slow-cooked over several days. This is also the best way to prepare good talks - which I've been trying to do this week alongside some very encouraging times in the word with students. Loving the job. Particularly good studying Ephesians 6 - preparing cell leaders to think about studying their courses Christianly..

"Evangelism is more spiritual than my course. Discuss"

6. On the run

Early each morning. Invigorating! Especially when running with the (mp3) company of Nigel Beynon, Mike Reeves, Mark Driscoll, John Piper and Terry Virgo.

7. Photo of the week

Becci wanted me to pick this. Instead, we have this from the funkypancake.... my current desktop wallpaper:

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