Sunday, March 04, 2007

Seven Days

Links of the week:

Rosemary Grier - Creeds and Confessions


Life. A good invention. God has given us everything to be enjoyed for his glory!

"my hope isn't in shells but I can still enjoy them"


MP3 sermons from Jonathan Thomas at Ammanford Evangelical Church

JT was my mentor in my first year with UCCF which means I spent two days following him around Cardiff being fed nothing but sandwiches.

1. The world's wisdom can't know God

Not, the William Lane Craig - Lewis Wolpert debate but big Mike Reeves at our CU leaders weekend on 1 Corinthians 1-2. Mp3s online here in a few days.

Champagne and Caviar!

2. The return of God

John Humphrey's write up of the debate
He doesn't exactly engage with it but interesting nonetheless. HT: Mark Meynell

3. Blood red moon with hot chocolate

Staring at the sky in the cold.

The audacity of Kath / the servant leadership of Gareth

4. The Real Thing

Talking to guys at TVU on Tuesday about Jesus

5. Ahem. Service providers should provide service.

Mr Branson & co... 'old sky snooze' - cheap wit... and we really don't care about your fight with Mr Murdoch. Just get us the channels we'd like to watch on our TVs... like the ones we signed up for.

6. How to do a good talk.

As demonstrated by Matt Benton at Surrey. The key is fill it with lots of the Bible. Simple really.

Oh, probably only he and me actually remembered the OJ trial... 21st Century student work.

7. Photo of the week

One of many moments from the weekend, now all over facebook.


  1. i remember the OJ trial...i can even remember watching the verdict on tv. my dad was in the usa at the time.
    in fact i might even have been in american during the car chasse...

  2. I remember the OJ trial - didn't quite follow it wholeheartedly as, like Ed, I was only about 10, but I still remember it.

    Not like these young whipper-snappers these days...

  3. You lived on sandwiches with that was a healthy few days for him then

  4. Hm, I was more than 10 at the time but I don't think we watched much TV; I don't remember it. I was always practising the violin when the 6pm news was on, and doing homework later. Sheltered childhood. Heledd fed me well when I shadowed her AND we got to walk the beach in Swansea rather than street tramping in Cardiff - I did have a good deal, didn't I? ;-) And thanks for the link :) though it's really Carl Trueman who should get it... and the accompanying questions I've got in response!

  5. indeed Martin!
    we also walked vast distances across cardiff... i have to say it was a lot of fun though.