Saturday, March 24, 2007


Mike Reeves, writes about Luther in the latest UCCF NB magazine:

"'I am permanently loved by God despite my feelings and despite my failures. It was this that gave Luther his dazzling confidence and joy, and led him to recommend:
'When the devil throws our sins uup to us and declares that we deserve death and hell, we ought to speak thus: 'I admit that I deserve death and hell. What of it? Does this mean that I shall be sentenced to eternal damnatino? By no means. For I know One who suffered and made satifaction in my behalf. His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Where he is, there I shall be also.'
If today we fail to share Luther's world-changing obsession with the gospel, it is only because we have let the death-defying, joy-giving beauty and sweetness of justification by faith alone slip through our fingers... every other gospel can only leave us comparatively apathetic. If Luther were a student today, armed with thsi gospel, we would have another Reformation. But what if a whole generation of students were to graps the gospel as he did.

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