Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Vitamins, emptiness and anti-intellectualism

In other news, this morning I started work on two projects due in the next month - one is a talk on Ecclesiastes 1v1-11. Ecclesiastes 1 by Mark Driscoll has been a helpful resource to spark my thinking on the first of those projects. One challenge here seems to be how to apply it's message faithfully... the outlook is very bleak, and yet I find myself uncomfortable with leaving things simply diagnosed as meaningless... How do I herald the victory of the King and speak of the objective and subjective emptiness of life. My mandate after all is the proclamation of the gospel and yet that cannot be at odds with what God's word teaches here. I'm getting a taste for wisdom literature but feel totally out of my league with it.

The other talk is a lunchbar on Is Christianity Anti-Intellectual? It's a challenging topic to enage well with. I plan to engage with Richard Dawkin's arguments in The God Dellusion. Kicking off with his citing of Martin Luther saying that 'reason is the greatest-enemy of faith'. Luther of course wants us to consider revelation in the equation and not just human thinking - which is something along the lines of Paul in 1 Corinthians 2... where he concludes that far from groping around in the dark we may have the mind of God if we listen to revelation. In the box there are limits, but God comes in from outside....


  1. Here's a possibly excellent way to deal with Dawkins:


    He does not exist! :-p....

    PS The Trinity.....GREAT topic for a lunchbar. And what a crucial truth. How did it go anybody in Surrey?