Saturday, February 17, 2007

Seven Days

Links of the week:

Mike Russell on Raping the Bible

And the oddity of...
Fifty years of the John Frum cult...

1. Providence

Double booked rooms that meant we could fit more people into our venue.

2. Changed hearts

Seeing the gospel change lives among students!

3. Freeway

Em's band playing their first gig. Next gig - April 21st, The Swan, Arborfield.

Also enjoying the singing of Caroline Bridges, Drew Hunt and Pete Sene.

4. Lyricism

Got back into doing this again. Yay.

One Hit Wonders, Bit Part Superstar, Teenagers write introspective songs... now they just need music...

5. 24 delivered

Glad to be of service to Becci and to Tom. Enjoy.

6. hebel

Playing in Ecclesiastes 1. And William Lane Craig on meaninglessness without God. Ecclesiastes expresses something that Craig says: "...people occupy their time and their thoughts with trivialities and distractions, so as to avoid the despair, boredom, and anxiety that would inevitably result if those diversions were removed"

And Christians have to live in that too. As Barry Webb says... Ecclesiates means we can have "joy anchored in reality". It's a "garment for those who are through with triumphalism and cant, and are willing to face life as it really is."

7. Pic of the week

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