Monday, February 26, 2007

Raise the Titanic!

James Cameron thinks he's found Jesus tomb. If he had that would destroy Christianity. Contrary to Richard Dawkins opinion we're not fundamentalists - we have criteria that would change our minds... (namely, if Jesus were not raised from the dead).

(ht: Gareth Russell)
Responses from: Michael Spencer - iMonk and Ben Witherington

Meanwhile Faith vs. Secularism in the Guardian. Read it just for the humility of Dean of Southwark, Colin Slee (paragraph 3). More interestingly Christianity is on the line at Westminster Central Hall, as Christian Philosopher William Lane Craig faces off against Atheist Lewis Wolpert, chaired by BBC Radio 4's John Humphreys, on the question of Is God a Delusion?

More on that at Is God a Delusion?

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  1. Tanks for the links about the 'Jesus tomb' article.
    It does sound somewhat historically improbable!