Friday, February 23, 2007

Life is vapour (mp3)

Reading University Christian Union - Life is Vapour - Ecclesiastes 1v1-11, Dave Bish (MP3)

Barry Webb pictures books of the Bible as items of clothing to wear in different situations. Ecclesiastes is a garment to wear when you're done with triumphalism and cant, and ready to face life as it really is. I like that. A lot.


  1. Haven't had time to listen to the audio yet, but your graphic very much reminds me of Tim Rudge's final talk in Mids NLT w/e just gone - on 2 Pet 3. Whereupon I almost managed to sell out of Don't Waste Your Life on the bookstall.

  2. I suggested 2 Peter for our NLT, but we're going with Mike Reeves on 1 Cor 1-2. Gonna be good.
    I do hope Tim's talks will be available...

    Not my graphic - picked up from somewhere else.