Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life is vapour

...and so is my laptop. Or least the software... and thus I am unable to run windows, access my files... get to a script I've been working on on Ecclesiastes for tomorrow (ironically). I can get limited internet access away from home, but for now... that's it.


  1. The answer is to install Linux of course /(open source zealot)

  2. fact, you can boot unbuntu Linux from a CD, and then access your windows drive and get all the stuff you need off it. in theory.

  3. Oh dear, that is irony :( I symphathise! Having an ill computer is shockingly disabling :(

  4. Forget Linux Dave. Use another computer to make a boot disc or cd. I think you can even use a flash drive to do this. Then boot from that drive and use MS_DOS to navigate to the document. I can talk you thru it, or Mark Harrison could if you needed help.
    The other way is to take the drive out of the laptop and connect it to another computer with a special lead, or enclosure for a 2.5 inch drive - Try a Maplin store for the necessary bits.
    I just sent a hard disc drive off to recovery @ 300 squid after it blew up taking EVERYTHING with it. Big sympathy. Horrible situation. Do backups guys

  5. i managed to reinstall windows - lost my emails, and i think a few of the programs wont work anymore... and I can't get NTL to reinstall so I can't get online... but apart from that we're ok for now... (this is being written on campus)