Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All Authority (where 'all' includes over everything)

So, on Tuesday morning I got the train down to Surrey mission with Drew and Paul. As we travelled I wondered whether I'd be better off being in Reading, having been to Surrey the day before. I'm not much of one to take account of 'providential' details... But then
  • ...we were double booked on the venue we'd used on Monday (capacity 50, attendance 48 of whom about 30 weren't Christians), and moved to a new venue (capacity 80, attendance about 80 - with about 50 people who weren't Christians).
  • ....and then, in the venue I sat down next to David. That might seem unremarkable to you. But, David is someone I went to school with. I've not seen him for the best part of 10 years and had completely lost touch with him. Turns out he works at Surrey Uni... Of all the lecture rooms in all the world, he comes and sits down in the one where the CU I work with is holding an evangelistic event. I hope to meet with him in the next week or so, we have 10 years of life to catch up on!
Many other good conversations had, and lots of Jesus stuff. On the train home with Drew and Paul at the end of the day my spirits were somewhat higher. And then we revelled in Jesus lots, because he has all authority. All authority over atoms and molecules. All authority over timetabling offices. All authority over seating arrangements. All authority over all other authorities. Jesus is the supreme King. Not just any king, he's the king on David's throne (Matthew 1v1) - the one God appoints to reign forever... and over all peoples (as Abraham's son - Matthew 1v1).

God has given Jesus all authority. All. Every. Total. So says, Matthew 28v19. If we try and do missions by brute force going and disciplemaking it tends not to happen. But if we let the river of Jesus authority build up behind the dam, it breaks easily. Behold the king of the nations! See the one who rules over absolutely everything. He who stakes his claim on every life in his universe. He who will reign forever over all. v20, therefore, go...


  1. Awesome great story Dave. God is sovereign..Hooray!! :)

  2. Cool. All authority. Praise Jesus, everyone!