Saturday, January 20, 2007

Seven Days

Links of the week:

Anthony Bradley - Don't forget to talk about hell

Carl Trueman - on pride

John Piper - On Kermit

1. Caffeine for the soul
Otherwise known as Ephesians 1v1-2v10 with baby-cell leaders. Soaring on the waves of the gospel. Mmmmm.

2. Public Transport
This was the week I should have caught four trains. I caught none. Thanks to the weather and other interuptions. Nothing you can do about that though!

Lengthened journeys held up several other things like preparation... this is a pressing issue.

3. Adcomm.
I'd hoped to get to Surrey CU's advisory committtee. Ended up at Reading's - see point 2.
Partnership with local church guys (Scott, Stan, Pete, James and Simon) is a great blessing.

...and then the lady arrived with cake.

4. Promises
Esther. And divine intervention as Sophie picked a load of songs about God's promises just before I told her that the talk was about God's promises., magic and sparkle

5. Relays
Back with my Relay - 2 Chronicles and stories of God's grace.

...freshly ground coffee

6. Students
Chris, Claire, Anna, Nu, Tim, Tom, Matt and God's word.
And thanks to Charl for the lift home on Thursday.

7. Photo of the Week:
Funky Pancake says:


  1. 8. Being rescued by my handsome, witty and intrepid Relay worker so i could give aforementioned Esther talk at Surrey CU.

    Guess i just missed the cut eh? :-)

  2. I was going for letting you have your reward in heaven, but now the whole world knows...

    What a hero!

  3. Surely being renamed 'The Dish' should also make the cut...even if it was at first in error.

    and although we didnt have cake at Adcomm we did have a beautiful view. surrey 1-1 reading. we'll call it a tie.

  4. That renaming would lose you points. Reading also have theirs in the "South Transcept" which is quite something.