Saturday, January 13, 2007

Seven Days


How to Deal with the Guilt of Sexual Failure for the Glory of Christ and His Global Cause - John Piper at Passion '07

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1. Church History

Mike Reeves' passion for church history. Luther and Augustine - brilliant stuff and fresh clarity about justification.

"talking yourself clear" - the deep value of conversations with other staff between sessions.

New Zealand. Catching up with James Allaway and meeting Mark Grace; Clive Parnell's creativity; Staff Conference report from Kath Arnold - 365-style.

2. Ant and Dec

Or, Iley and Povey's quiz. Pod vs. Jason; When Gareth sold Grudem; Motsy's Christmas present; The theological significance of baldness; youtube moments; and the evidence of why we're such a cutting-edge missions movement; Eats, Shoots, Leaves and Alan.

3. Bookgirl

Rosemary's enthusiasm for Lindsay Brown's Shining Like Stars, before we discovered we'd get a free copy!

4. Jim Walford

Always warrants a mention. He'll be embarrassed by this but I wanted to say thanks for the encouragement regarding the blog.

Also good to see a preview of the new uccf website.

5. Home

Great to be back home with my lovely wife. The Pursuit of Happyness; Filter Coffee; Window Shopping (i.e. buying 24 with the help of Windows XP);

6. By the Book

By The Book MP3s

Probably not the way to rest at the end of the week but great to see about 100 people gather to get into God's word. Great also to have Rich, Tim, Andy, Tom, Miriam and Lou there. Seeing students on a Saturday morning. Outstanding.

7. Photo of the Week:
Funky Pancake says:


  1. Yes, book reviews could be considered rather wasted when you're then told you can have the book free anyway. Except that 1) the review then persuades you to buy the book and 2) I'd rather like to think the review contributed to whatever made the UCCF chequebook man get out the UCCF chequebook so we could have them free :D

  2. P.S. I don't really want to give the impression I think it's the best book in the world ever. I'm just rather keen on world mission and books, and quite enjoy doing book reviews. It's an encouraging & humbling/challenging read and will be great to pass on to students :)

  3. three chapters in i'm benefitting from your enthusiasm.

  4. Oh good! I am glad! I sometimes wonder if I've enthusiastisised myself into being overenthusiastic by my own review... or something =-\ You'd never know I was inclined to introspectivity, would you?