Friday, January 19, 2007

Good food at high altitude

I have some confessions to make, though I'm not particularly ashamed of them...
  • It was me who suggested Reading CU should study 10 chapters of Luke's gospel in seven weeks, in autumn 2006. Sometimes that was 80 verses a week. Some people complained that it was a bit too much. But, we were able to put the most familiar stories back in context and discover grace on the road with Jesus. Jesus is full of grace, and that's worth feasting on.
  • It was me who suggested Surrey CU should study Esther in three weeks. But from a good height a strange story reveals the promises of God in the face of circumstantial crisis. The book might not mention God but he shines from it's pages when you fly high enough.
  • It was me who designed a term of Bible studies for Reading CU cells this term in Ephesians. Studies that mean that today a group of brand new cell leaders prepared their first ever Bible study on Ephesians 1v1-2v10. It's a lot to eat in one go. But how amazing God's big plan is, catching us up in union with Christ as he is placed over all things. Sure, we're passing over some of the details but what a magnificent view.
As I say, I'm not exactly ashamed of this. Look, it's the word of God and it's very tasty. It's more precious than gold. It's sweeter than honey. Better than the finest food in all the world. There are times to eat small amounts and savour all the details. But there are times to see the big picture. Try it.


  1. Here here!
    The Bible works on many levels. I've heard equally great teaching based on one verse, or pretty much the whole thing at once, one time or another.
    There is a time for detail, and a time for looking at the big picture, very,er, Ecclesiastical!

  2. Ecclesiastical is church like isn't it? Not sure what the term for being like Ecclesiastes is...