Monday, January 22, 2007


As I head away with work for the week, these are on my mp3 player.
From what I know of Tim Keller these outght to be v.good.
Always good to fill your ears with the sound of the cross.

The Cross and suffering (Tim Keller)
The Cross converts us (Tim Keller)
The Cross changes us (Tim Keller)
The Cross unites us (Tim Keller)
The Cross transforms us (Dan Doriani)

Second Presbyterian Church Media


  1. Great link to a great resource. I'll need to find excuses to drive around or get a lot of trains this week!

  2. Dave,

    have you watched your 4 hours of 24 yet?

  3. Paul, we've seen the first two hours. The next two screen tomorrow. Great stuff, though I'm not really at liberty to comment on the blog - too many of my readers don't have Cable/Satellite and therefore haven't seen it, though they'd want to.

  4. cheers for the link - keller has some great stuff. I'm sure you've met my relay worker by now...