Monday, January 22, 2007

Brothers - Feel, Think, Preach God

This looks like a quality resource:

Brothers—Feel, Think, Preach God (DVD)
The Happy Necessity of God-Centeredness in the Pastor's Feeling, Thinking, and Preaching

Man-centeredness pervades our world. Even in the church, a gospel is often preached that makes man the focus and puts God at the edge. People become God and he becomes their lackey. Into this context, the Bible levels a radical challenge to feel, think, and preach with absolute God-centeredness.

In these three messages from the 2006 Phoenix Seminary Pastors Conference, John Piper preaches to preachers, urging them to lead in a way that keeps God where he belongs – the center. Also featured is an hour of Q & A with John Piper and Wayne Grudem.


  1. Do you know where it can be purchasèd in the 51st State...?

  2. Man-centeredness. As demonstrated by the title: what about sisters ;-)

  3. ooh, i like the cover!

    book covers seem to be all i comment on...

  4. Its a book for pastors... that probably means "brothers" - that said, you can just read "brothers" as brothers and sisters if you like

  5. Yeah, I was just being silly, of course. But of course brothers in this context probably reflects Pipers (and Grudems of course) old fashioned opinion of what a Pastor looks like. That's a debate for another day, far from here ;-)
    If I might be serious for a shocking change, the actual subject sounds essential. It is easy to be man centered because we are man, but I'm sure it's not a coincidence that the Bible begins 'In the beginning God...'

  6. Old-fashioned view of eldership, Chris? Why leave it to another day - do share! If old is Biblical, it's right even if it's no longer in fashion. :)

  7. Well, I don't want to take over a discussion on somebody elses blog, but I have been meaning for a long time to post something on this issue (it weighs on my mind because my mum is now an Anglican priest)
    at, and I will post something here when I do. I've been promising it for a while, and during other discussions! So hold me to it :-)

  8. I guess Piper's old fashioned opinion looks rather like the Biblical portrait of leadership to me. Granted he takes male eldership as a given, I doubt you'll disagree with any of the other stuff he says about the qualifications and marks of leaders.... most of which ought also to apply to home group leaders, CU leaders, Sunday School teachers etc.