Monday, January 22, 2007

Bethinking Notes

Core Foundations
Devoted to Christ Crucified
Ready to answer
Reason for belief
Gentleness and respect
(1 Peter 3:13-18a)

Q1. Contradictory, Unreliable and Irrelevant: Why not bin the Bible?
What is the Bible?
Basic facts. The Canon & Authors. Translation.
What claims does it make of itself?
John 20v30-31 + 21v25. (Luke 1v1-4, 2 Cor 4v1-6, Acts 4v25)
What is it's message?
John 5v45-46. (1 Cor 2v2)

Q2. Egotistical restrictive and out of touch: what kind of a God demands so much
Is Egotism always wrong?
Are restrictions always bad?
Why did God make us?
Genesis 1:26-28 Isaiah 43:7, Revelation 4:11
Does God need us?
Acts 17:24-29
What does Jesus demand of us?
John 3:3-5, Ezekiel 36:25-27. Matt. 4:17, Acts 17:30-31
If God isn't out of touch what's the other possibility? Chew over: Romans 9v20-21

Q3. Condemning, hypocritical, and arbitrary: What kind of God sends sincere people to hell?
How does it feel when you're in trouble?
What comes to mind when you think of hell?
Why do we find hell difficult to cope with?
Mark 12v1-12: Who is who here? What does Jesus understand about our rebellion against God? What crimes are we accused of ? What does Jesus understand about God's reaction to our rebellion?
Jesus talks about hell more than anyone else, but his call is to come to know and enjoy God forever.
(1 Peter 3v18, Psalm 16v11, 27v4)

Q4. One Bible, Two Testaments: Two Gods?
Who is God in the Old Testament?
a. Naham 1v2 b. Jonah 4v2.
What does Jesus say about the Old Testament?
a. John 5v46 b. Luke 24v45-47
Who is God in the New Testament?
a. Mark 9v42-48, Rev 14v17-20 b. 1 John 4v8+10, Rev 5v9-10
What does Peter say the Bible is about?
Acts 10v42 – OT & NT...
What God reveals in the gospel (in Romans)?
How does God reveal the different aspects of his character?
a. Righteousness 3v25 b. Love 5v5+8 c. Wrath 1v18+24

Q5. Crucifixes at Check-in, Christian Unions in the headlines: Why can't Christians keep their faith private?
Who is Jesus, and what is he doing?
Colossians 1v13-19
Which areas of life is Jesus concerned about? Why?
Colossians 3v12-4v1, 1 Timothy 2v1-6, Genesis 1:26
What will it look like to live all of life to the glory of God?
e.g. On your course. Can that be private?
(notice in all of these references the repeated word: all)

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