Sunday, December 03, 2006

That's mine!

They want to shut you up, and hide you away
Let you out at Christmas, though that's looking shaky
Airbrushed out of history, dressed down to avoid offense
I'm longing for the final day, when everyone will see

Some say I'm being narrow, to love you definitively
Arrogance to be sure, of what remains for now unseen
Tasted and I've seen, of what can yet be known
Surveyed darkest day, when wrath and mercy met

In cosmic expectation, the skies turned cloudy black
Midnight at midday, yet a new dawn would come
Can't keep Him in the corner, alive in resurrected power
Holding all things together, every atom and heart

This world without Jesus, won't last very long
If he hadn't spoken, there'd be nothing to be
A future without Him, would be the end of time
All things would unravel, and cease to happen

Into dust he breathed life, yet I've stolen this existence
Every last breath thankless, taken without permission
My life without him, just won't make sense
Over every moment, he speaks: “that's mine!”

© 2006, Dave Bish.

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  1. thats really good Dave, thanks for sharing!