Saturday, December 16, 2006

Seven Days

Link of the Day:

Chris Poteet's Imperishable Inheritance

YouTube of the week:

Chuck Palahniuk's Lecture

(HT: Phil Brooks)

MP3s of the Week:

I recommended these last weekend - but they're so good that I'm going to plug them again!

MP3s from Mark Lauterbach at CrossWay Fellowship

The Gospel for the Lost
Gospel Centrality 1
Gospel Centrality 2
Gospel Centrality 3
Gospel Centrality 4


Forty days in the wilderness ends with the return of Moses. Phew! Now I have to catch up on the backlog of articles (which I could have done while we were offline... was a bit busy trying to get it back... )

2. "I'll take you home..."

My train home from Guildford got cancelled. Ruth innocently said the above phrase... then everyone erupted in laughter, and Ruth in embarrassment. But, many thanks to Ruth and Cat for helping me get home earlier than 12.40am which was the time the next train would have got me there.

That evening, see also: Jon Hobb's preaching on the resurrection. Brilliant.

Sad news, no students for four weeks.

3. Team

The Forty Minute Burger with Ed in Channies before with charismatic conversation. Soup-ervision with Ed & Carolina on Friday... walking in California, Cross-boasting in Galatians 6... the warm feeling of being mocked by my Relay...

4. Walking

Dry weather all weekend until we arrived at Dinton Pastures for a walk with James, Becky and baby Evie on Sunday afternoon. Coffee at our house instead :)

5. Lunchbar

Fun to do a talk for Reading CU on >Contradictory, Unreliable, Irrelevant: Why not bin the Bible? Followed by studying Hezekiah with Tom in Cafe Mondial. 2 Chronicles is great!

6. The Holiday

Christmas rom-com "entertainment". Not exactly my idea of fun, but when shared with my lovely wife and some pick-n-mix it's not so bad!

In other news we now have a Christmas tree and a nutcracker - dangerously launching almonds around the room. Christmas shopping is not yet completed.

7. Funky Pancake's Photo of the Week:

It was a close call between this one,

And the fridge.


  1. Hey....that's my fridge...isn't it?

  2. Thanks for featuring my blog! I'm adding you to my blogroll. Did the editorial staff like my essay?