Sunday, December 10, 2006

Seven Days

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Paul Huxley meets Phil Johnson. And somehow illicited a "hi" from the Pyromaniac to TheBlueFish...

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1. Lightning Strike

Em's school shuts for a day because lightning struck the fire alarm. What were the chances of that happening?

2. Vocations

Met with a vocations officer about future plans. Hmmm. We'll see where that goes from here. The future is big and scary and has been a major theme of this week - having spoken to a Financial Advisor about mortgages on Monday and see also Point 4. But God knows the future and that is something I'm very glad about.

Big thanks go to homegroup leader Richard for a lift to the meeting. Also, when talking to my Pastor, homegroup leader and Team Leader about strengths and weaknesses they all gave the same answers. Hopefully that means I'm consistent in the different parts of my life... also good to be aware of my weaknesses. I'm thankful for friends who can be honest about that sort of thing.

3. The Cross

Preaching the main event at Surrey CU. Very Exciting!

4. Relay Interviews

Can't say anything at the moment about that.

But, it was good to see 7 out of 9 of the current South East team during the day. Shame Ed & Carolina couldn't complete the group but at least I'd seen them on Thursday and Wednesday respectively. Teamlife, great!

(the team is also blogtastic with 3/5 staff and 2/4 relay onblog: kath, ceryn, ed, david)

5. Jonah

Mo says it's about exploding grace. I'm inclined to agree. Was great to find some time on Thursday afternoon to start preparing it for the cell weekend in February at Reading. Jonah is a good friend to travel with - a man who had to wrestle with God's grace - he evidently understood it but his struggle was with it's implications and effects in his life. I can relate to that.

Speaking of Mo, finally got round to doing some redecorating for him:

6. Overpriced Mulled Wine

We went for a walk at California Country Park and saw Caroline and baby Grace... then to Henry Street where we saw Rupert who dutifully helped us find the exit. After that we went to the pub where Em had Mulled Wine and I had a pint. And then we went to the cinema before dinner at the Leathern Bottle. Combined with Point 1, it's been a good week for time together :)

7. Funky Pancake's Photo of the Week:

This is the kind of photo I love:


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  1. Your redesign of Mo is... racey. But so sadly non-leprebloggish.

  2. I was asked to implement a loose brand of Podism. The loss of green is unfortunate, but necessary in such an endeavour.