Saturday, December 02, 2006

Seven Days

1. Flashmob Funkypancake

10 Things You Need to Know... What are you doing if you don't "read" the FunkyPancake daily.

2. "Please stand to sing Silent Night, chinese"

Sophie Nixson at Surrey CU Carol Service... Many thanks to Ben for the lift home. Spending time with Iain, Ben... and the surprising reappearance of Tim Brown in Guildford.

3. Richard Cunningham in the papers and on campus: " you have to drink Americano's black?"


4. Falling asleep on the train

Dashing from Bethinking at Surrey to meet the Biblical Evangelists at Reading on Wednesday afternoon. Disorienting but I like cross-county gospel-work.

5. Bacon Sandwiches & Coffee

Otherwise known as Saturday brunch in a newly cleaned house. Refreshing. This is Saturday.

Also notable for Guitar Hero and good food with Em's band.

6. 2 Chronicles

Hanging out with the less than perfect kings of Judah is examining. Also, the arrival of the IVP Pillar Commentary on Ephesians. Such things make me happy.

7. Yes

The pieces begin to fit together. Happy times.

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