Monday, December 25, 2006

Joy to the world!

Happy Christmas blogreader! Hope you're having a good Christmas day. We've had lots of fun with our church family, young and old, this morning, and then a delicious roast dinner before the Queen's speech. In which she said:

"It remains a time when I try to put aside the anxieties of the moment and remember that Christ was born to bring peace and tolerance to a troubled world."
The Queen

Not exactly, Ma'am... Jesus came to bring peace with God, because we were at war with him... and announce the end of God's tolerance of our rebellion. For that purpose he came to die. A friend mentioned yesterday a plot to give out Easter eggs next Christmas... that'd be quite helpful to draw our attention to the shadow of Calvary that is cast over the birth of Jesus.

And to what end? To bring us fullness of joy... not by playing down the differences between religions but by filling our hearts and minds with a massive vision of Jesus the Christ... to know and love and enjoy him forever!

Here's an alternative Christmas message:

Have a Happy Christmas. Come joyspotting!

Join God's new community, where all barriers of age, race, gender and class cease to matter... the family where all that matters is new life in Jesus Christ.

Dan Hames interacts with The Queen

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