Thursday, December 14, 2006

Church of England?

Interesting development, I wonder where this might go:
A small group met with the Archbishop of Canterbury on Tuesday December 12 and presented A Covenant for the Church of England on behalf of a wide group of Evangelical and Charismatic members of the Church of England with the support of a number of Anglo-Catholic leaders.

The Covenant is the fruit of an ongoing process reacting not to a few local or immediate difficulties but responding to widespread concerns in the national and global church.

The group were listened to carefully and as a result of the meeting it was agreed that there would be further discussion of the issues raised in the Covenant to find a way to maintain the unity in truth of the Church of England.

Rev Paul Perkin
Canon Dr Chris Sugden

The Covenant was drafted by a group under the following leadership:

Rev David Banting, Chair of Reform
Rev John Coles, Director of New Wine Networks
Rev Paul Perkin, Member of General Synod
Rev David Phillips, Director of Church Society
Rev Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbes’ Oxford
Canon Dr Chris Sugden, Executive Secretary, Anglican Mainstream
Rev William Taylor, Rector of St Helen’s Bishopsgate
Rev Dr Richard Turnbull, Chair of the Church of England Evangelical Council
Rev Dr Simon Vibert, Chair of the Fellowship of Word and Spirit

Read The Covenant
Reported by The Telegraph


  1. Very interesting indeed. Thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention Dave.

    I have one big potential background sort of reservation/question however. But rather than clog up your comments I've blogged about it myself (why should I let u have all the hits ;), also, if I'm gonna risk coming across all 'grumpy old man'/'sour grapes' then I might as well risk it on my own cyberspace!).

  2. Tom Wright's long response to the 'Covenant' (sic) deserves considered reading here,
    or for the time-poor, the headines here.

  3. Thank for highlighting this Mark, I was interested to see Tom Wright's response.

  4. That's a very 'come to bed with me now' photo you now have, Dave!