Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 Books (fiction)

I never seem to read enough fiction but here's a few highlights from this year, in order of reading...

Carlos Ruiz Zafon -
The Shadow of the Wind

Cracking mystery story set in Barcelona. Having visited the city in 2005 it was fun to read a story set there.

Ian McEwan -

Probably my favourite read of the year. McEwan is brilliant and this is a great story, set in London amongst a series of wierd events. I love the way that McEwan describes scenes and situations. Previously enjoyed Atonement and Enduring Love.

Audrey Niffenegger -
The Time Traveller's wife

Actually haven't finished this since Em nicked it off me at the airport on the way to Cork in June. It's a bit of a strange story of love and time-travel. Looking forward to finishing this sometime.

Douglas Coupland -

A story or just a concept? Thanks Mum & Dad for the Special Edition! It's Microserfs 2, but with a different twist. If your life was file-dumped into a Douglas Coupland novel would it be more interesting than this?

Gyorgy Dalos -
The Circumcision

A story about a messianic-jewish-hungarian trying to find his identity.

I've enjoyed reading translated books this year, and hope to continue in that direction in the future. Why should I just read British books?

Cees Nooteboom -
The Following Story

Interesting short story.

C.S. Lewis -
The Great Divorce

Classic Lewis theological fiction about eternity! I'd heard a lot of quotes from this before, good to actually have read it.


  1. Saturday is one of my favourite books. In my eyes, McEwan can do no wrong.

  2. finish Niffenegger. It may even make you cry...