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2006 Blog

January (44)
The year began with a review of Awesome God, the kids CD from Sovereign Grace Ministries. Outstanding. Then we reported an interview by Adrian Warnock with Maurice McCracken. Match Point was the first film review of the year. Books reviewed included The Deliberate Church and Dig Deeper. The big event of the month was retro-liveblogging UCCF Staff and Relay conferences. Meanwhile Rosemary was campaigning for The Reformation of Christian Bookshops - quite right...

February (36)
I began a series on 1 Corinthians 12-14 that would rumble on for quite sometime, occasionally interacting with Adrian Warnock. Also resumed work on my series on Percy Bysshe Shelley's The necessity of Atheism and began a new series in Esther that would resurface later in the year. February also marked the beginning of The Coffee Bible Club, first off - talking about worship. A conversation reaching from Wales to New Zealand, Germany to Cornwall...

March (33)
March took us into Acts at Surrey University. A brief campaign to get Andy Shudall to podcast went no-where... The series on the Holy Spirit and 1 Corinthians 12-14 rolled on. The month ended however with news that Nigel Lee had finished his race, and so the church lost a great Bible teacher. Our loss as Nigel left us, but heaven's gain. This post therefore bears highlighting: Peter Adam on Preaching.

April (24)
More conference retro-liveblogging, this time from Spring Harvest, Word Alive Students gorging ourselves on Colossians. At Word Alive I ran into the 365-inventor Becci Brown and introduced her to a google-search of bloggers at the UCCF stand. Add a little Dawkins satire and another angle on the Holy Spirit from the London Mens Convention.

May (31)
Back in Acts at Surrey University and then I got to meet fellow bloggers Adrian Reynolds and Ant Adam at Reading. Adrian Reynolds ( is one to watch in 2007). Blogging about Worship and Ecclesiastes. Two relatively new Christians, Anna Hopkins and Gareth Russell arrived in the blogosphere with much passion for the gospel. Essential blogrolling.

June (31)
A month to read. JPod. Saturday. A long way down. The Time Travellers Wife. And, Sam Storms' long-awaited Convergence, and Mark Driscoll's Confessions. More conference blogging from EMA with David Jackman.

July (38)
July continued at EMA, with John Piper. I also started to try and write a book on money. That project hasn't got as far as I'd hoped. That's an understatement. Maurice McCracken joined the party and blogged on 1 Corinthians 12-14. From which I turned to Romans 9, Luke 4 and Biblical Theology.

August (18)
A month off work, and not quite the planned month off blog. Back in Acts, My resolve failed me. I then handed over the blog to my good friend the Trainspotter who reviewed Driscoll's Confessions for me. Louise Fellingham's album Treasure was the soundtrack of our summer, and then she showed up at Forum in September. I will blogreview that CD sometime - I kinda had it slated for when thebluefish moved onto the new UCCF website - which seems to have gotten a bit delayed!! A contender for worship-CD of the year, alongside Chris Tomlin See The Morning and The Valley of Vision from Sovereign Grace Ministries.

September (45)

Trainspotter continued with his 4G thinking. A little blogging from UCCF Forum student conference and catching up with Becci Brown again - having her explain her contribution to the art exhibition was one of the highlights of the week. Not often you get to stand in a gallery with the artist. Giving the Sense, the start of a new student year, books, advice for freshers. Romans 7 and Union with Christ was possibly the big event of the year for me (at our South East team days). Meanwhile, The Coffee Bible Club moved on to talk about The Law and I designed some blogs. Myself and some other bloggers reveled in church history with Carl Trueman at Duke Street Church. The importance of "Union with Christ" led me to Richard Gaffin and John Calvin. and I launched my Seven Days feature. The world also discovered Piper is bad . Conversation with Adrian Warnock on GoogleTalk. OOOooo.

October (55)
By October, Piper was back being all about Jesus and I got back on the Galatians bandwagon. Also into James and back into Esther and some great fun in 2 Chronicles. In the last week of October I lost my voice, and we spent a great evening at Grace Church Bristol ( where Matt
Chapman preached on brilliantly on work.
Paul Huxley asked: Which Reformed Blogger are You?

November (33)
More in Galatians, Calvin, Virgo, Marcus Honeysett and Living Leadership, The Cup. It was a massive priviledge to preach Mark's gospel at Surrey, and then later at Reading. Introducing the world to the musical talent of Lisa Francis. A train hit a cow and Christian Unions hit the frontpage of the Times. Terry Virgo's The Tide is Turning stirred my passion for the church once more. And I joined ( Oops! And, Jim Walford confessed to being a massive fan of this blog... and then it was December.

All of which makes for a fairly diverse year of blogging. The stand-out themes seem to be Bible time in 1 Corinthians 12-14, Galatians, Esther and 2 Chronicles... designing blog templates and meeting bloggers in the real world... and conference blogging. I've benefitted from the puritans, and the ministries of Mark Dever and Mark Driscoll. Bloghits have grown this year from around 3000 hits a month to around 5000, with a few dips over the summer and Christmas.

418 blogposts made, time to check out for 2006... see you in 2007.


  1. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. I enjoy your blog, thanks, looking forward to 07!


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