Monday, November 06, 2006

Why bother with theology?

Daniel Strange: Why Bother With Theology?
(I'd forgotten this was online, HT: Saints & Scholars)

Dan writes:
So many Christians don’t get excited because they do not see the gospel in all its polyphonic and glorious Technicolor but rather settle for a little mono 'black and white’ version. But just ponder on these questions for a few moments:
  • Do you know the holy character of the Living God who created all things for his glory?
  • Do you know who you were before you were saved: vessels of God’s wrath, God-haters?
  • Do you know what Christ accomplished on the cross, bearing the wrath of God on our behalf, and how the Spirit applies this to the believer, that we are justified by grace through faith and seen as righteous in God’s sight?
  • Do you know that Christ is coming again and that we will spend eternity with our Lord?
This is truly amazing!!! At the end of the day ‘an anaemic Christianity that is not virile enough to strive for the truth can never possess the nerve to die for it. A truth not worth defending very soon comes to be seen as a truth not worth professing.'*

*Gary Johnson


  1. Thanks, for this opportunity to share , HYH'S answer for Life's Ultimate Options with a Blank Piece of Paper.

    Greatest Love Story in the Universe, via Paper Airplane, Great Commission.


  2. thanks for the encouragement from Dan, Dave. Tis good to remind ourselves of these truths every day. And how massively encouraging they are!!