Saturday, November 11, 2006

Seven Days

1. Marcus Honeysett

Stepping in at the last minute to impersonate Nigel Pollock for three God-besotted sessions on postmodernism etc. Thanks for showing us how great Jesus is.

Kenny presents Honeysett's History

2. Team Life

Hanging out with Gareth and Olly on Monday, and then the rest of the team from Wednesday-Friday. This work can be very lonely, it's great to be team.

3. D.I.S.C.O.

Andy Tuck's five reasons why people don't do evangelism, for Thames Valley CU.

4. New books

By Terry Virgo and Dale Ralph Davis. Mmmmm. And BIG THANKS to Justin Taylor for a free copy of Owen's Overcoming Sin & Temptation.

5. Get some new shoes

You are one of my Relay

6. Jim Walford

Fanclub-boy. Glad you like the blog.

7. Bethinking @ Surrey

I wasn't there but Cat Hare hosted it for me:

Q2. Egotistical restrictive and out of touch: what kind of a God demands so much


  1. Jim Walford... What a legend.

    And I love the bethinking @ Surrey question.

  2. Walford is a legend.

    I think the Bethinking question was nicked from Pete Dray... and then we used it at Reading for an event a couple of weeks ago... and then onto Surrey. Nice to share the ideas around.