Saturday, November 04, 2006

Seven Days

1. Being Different

Here's to being possibly the only people we know who weren't at this. Maybe we should have gone. Haven't see delirious for about five years now. But, at risk of sounding super-spiritual, homegroup that night was really good: Hebrews 4-5. Jesus, anchor for my soul! Someone should write a song about that.

2. Internet Problems
In addition to the technical fault with it seems we'd have been offline regardless this week cos the company who hold our domain name (and appear to have had a meltdown this week. Get well soon.

3. Lunchbars
Simon Pethick on whether God is egotistical on Tuesday, and me on Friday on the Bible. Let's do that again.

4. Drew, in London
Talking theology over a pint in a London pub. What could be better?

I also enjoyed Monday discussing theology (Calvinism vs. Arminianism) with Gareth for our South East Relay's.

Being able to disagree graciously and kindly with one another - and we do differ strongly on this issue, but doing it without dirty tricks and insults - teaching through our words and the manner of our words.

I can see areas to tighten up my arguments if we ever do this again - particularly with reference to the atonement, and I don't know whether we changed anyones views at all... I hope that we helped rub their faces in the Bible...

For the record I love Calvinism because it's BIG GOD theology that leaves me bowed down in awe of God... intoxicated with His grace I have no desire to take credit for recieving it... that is why I'm a Calvinist, with much thanks to John Piper, Michael Horton and John Calvin himself.

5. Party to Remember

TSCF New Zealand 70th anniversary celebration... and seeing Andy Shudall for the first time in 14 months. Nice also to see Ben Carswell, Duncan Cuthill and Naomi Pilgrem. God's doing great things worldwide - where are the men and women of God in this day of God's power... shocked to hear about the biblical illiteracy in New Zealand, that makes Britain look expert...

6. Psycho hob
Minor electric fault in our cooker that manages to trip out all but two of our plug sockets when we turn it on. This actually happened last week, but is only being repaired this week.

7. Allegorically?
So, when it comes to that persistent question of understanding the law, can we use Paul's allegorical method from Galatians 4...
(as studied with my Relay's this week...)

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  1. My little bro' went to see Delirious? in Belfast a couple of weeks ago and wasn't overly impressed, so maybe you didn't miss so much.