Saturday, November 04, 2006

Resources for Leaders

Audio's from the UCCF:The Christian Unions annual Forum student leaders conferences over the last six years. Terry Virgo on Romans and Justin Mote on Leviticus are probably the best of these.

Leviticus 1-10 (Justin Mote)
Leviticus 11-15 (Justin Mote)
Leviticus 16 (Justin Mote)
Leviticus 17-27 (Justin Mote)
Grace Filled Leaders (2001) (John Risbridger)

Grace Filled Leaders (2002) (John Risbridger)
Romans 1v18-30 (Vaughan Roberts)
Romans 3v21-31 (Vaughan Roberts)
Romans 5v11-21 (Vaughan Roberts)
Romans 8v18-39 (Vaughan Roberts)
Mission and Maturity (Lindsay Brown)
World Mission (Keith Walker)

Life of a Leader (John Risbridger)
Life 1 - Roger Carswell
Life 2 - Roger Carswell
Unity & Diversity, 2003
1 John 1 (Nigel Lee)
1 John 2(Nigel Lee)
1 John 3v11-4v21 (Nigel Lee)
1 John 5 (Nigel Lee)

Life in Christ matters (Nigel Pollock)
Life Matters 1 (Richard Cunningham)
Life Matters 2 (Richard Cunningham)
Hebrews 1v1-2v4 (Julian Hardyman
Hebrews 2v5-18, 4v14-15 (Julian Hardyman)
Hebrews 10v1-25 (Julian Hardyman)
Hebrews 11-13 (Julian Hardyman)

Pure Sacrifice (Vaughan Roberts)
Pure Sex (Vaughan Roberts)
Unity & Diversity 2005 (Gareth Davies)
Go (Richard Cunningham)
Romans 1v18-32 (Terry Virgo)
Romans 5v1-11 (Terry Virgo)
Romans 6v1-18 (Terry Virgo)
Romans 7v1-13 (Terry Virgo)
Christians in the workplace (Stuart McPhail)
Friendship Evangelism (Jo Mckenzie)

Acts 5v12-42 (Richard Cunningham)
Unity & Diversity, 2006 (Gareth Davies)
Evangelism (Rico Tice)
Teaching God's Word to Non-Christians (Rico Tice)
World Mission (Lindsay Brown)
Daniel 1 (Graham Daniels)
Daniel 2 (Graham Daniels)
Daniel 4 (Graham Daniels)
Islam (Keith Small)
On Lunchbars (Richard Cunningham)
Final Thoughts (Richard Cunningham)

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