Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pastoral Refreshment Conference

30th January to 1st February. £150. Hothorpe Hall, Leicester, UK

What is the Pastoral Refreshment Conference?
The Pastoral Refreshment Conference is an oasis for Christian leaders. Our aim is to provide spiritual refreshment for leaders and spouses, nurture for their walk with the Lord and sustenance for their hearts in the demanding work of ministry.

The conference is an opportunity for leaders, pastors and partners to seek the Lord together for the on-going refreshing of life and ministry. It is not primarily a theology or ministry skills conference, but rather a chance to rejoice, weep and worship with peers, to be prayed for and to receive spiritual sustenance from God and encouragement from others.

What will happen at the conference?

From 30th January to 1st February you will find a warm welcome and sense of family with other leaders and their spouses. We will have 3 days of encouragement in developing godly character for leadership. There will be inspiring Biblical preaching from Dave Burke on Psalm 103, exploring the theme “Experiencing the Love of God in Leadership”. There will be lots of worship, opportunities for mutual prayer and a safe environment in which to be yourself.

There will be a variety of optional seminars including practical pastoral issues related to the lives of leaders and their families. There will also be a couple of world-class seminars that many wouldn’t otherwise have access to. But there will also be plenty of space within a relaxed programme for personal interaction, developing friendships, mutual care and good food.

The seminar programme will include sessions on: grace, marriage and ministry; grace, singleness and ministry; personal relationships in the church (setting boundaries, having friends, handling spiritual intimacy appropriately); the demands of an infinite work (perfectionism, burnout and failure, or joy in the work from knowing God).

Main preacher: Dave Burke, worship led by John Risbridger.

An ethos of grace

The Pastoral Refreshment Conference will have a strong ethos of knowing and enjoying the grace of God together. We believe that this is foundational to continuing to love the Lord, love the church and love leading when the demands of ministry are arduous.

When couples minister together it is often the case that the partner recognised as being in ministry receives encouragement and help but their spouse finds fewer such opportunities. The Pastoral Refreshment Conference is a place to come and receive from God together.

It can often be the case that churches are unable to see the draining and lonely demands placed on single leaders. The conference is intended to provide friendship, support and love for those who minister on their own.

More about Marcus Honeysett, Director of Living Leadership. More conference information

Booking deadline: November 30th 2006.

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