Thursday, November 16, 2006

love the church

"Even if the whole fabric of the world
were overthrown, the church
could neither totter nor fall"
-- John Calvin, Institutes IV.I.3


  1. Just got to Eph 3.10-11 in my Ephesians series and suddenly realised how God's cosmic and eternal plan is centred on the church - because he has chosen the church to make known his wisdom even to the spiritual powers. Aaaaagh! And little-ol'-me thinks that our witness is just to our neighbours....

    Don't we need to recover a better doctrine of the church?

  2. Those are awesome verses... we have to have that view of the church. Adds a fair bit of extra significance to everything we do as church!

  3. Just to add my current study into the mix, I've just been reading Haggai and there's some awesome stuff there about God's plans for his people and temple (which are the same thing in the NT) and then seeing where it all ends up in Rev 21-22 and the vision of the bride/temple-like city/church is breath-taking.

    And so reassuring when things look ropey on the ground. 6.3% of people in england and wales go to church. 150 years ago that was nearer 40% they reckon. And yet, still, Jesus says 'I will build my church'.