Friday, November 24, 2006

"Bishops back student fight for religious freedom on campus"

" a faith-sharing organisation, CUs specifically invite people who do not share the Christian faith to attend their meetings. However, the executive committee of CUs act rather like charity trustees, and as such they are responsible for two things: firstly, that funds donated to the CU are used only to further the stated objects, and secondly, that the object of the union, the proclamation of the Christian gospel (as understood by orthodox Christians around the world), is advanced.”

Now the Revd. Alan Robson writes (Letters, November 25th):
"The Christian union is a non-denominational body representing the more extreme wing of evangelicalism, and is dogmatic and anti-intellectual in its approach. Its enthusiasm for the Bible does not extend to scholarly or critical study of it, and it is intolerant of Christians with differing views. "

The Revd has every right to disagree with our views and conclusions, but perhaps he'd be better to avoid the mudslingingly inappropriate phrases like "dogmatic" and "anti-intellectual". If you disagree with our conclusions, just say so! Any encounter with a real (rather than straw-man) university Christian Union makes it hard to conclude that we're not interested in rigorously thinking (not to mention deeply affectionate) Christianity....

....And of course, I'd always wondered why something as anti-intellectual as UCCF had bothered to set up IVP's Apollos academic book imprint, bethinking resource for apologetics and Tyndale House for theology research and indeed to want to work with University students who obviously have no interest in thinking hard about anything.... :)

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