Monday, October 02, 2006

Which reformed blogger are you?

Paul Huxley poses the question in quiz format... thankfully it turns out that, "I am me... and I am glad" to quote one of my favourite songwriters.

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  1. Apparently I'm you. Which strikes me as being a slightly odd sensation...

  2. That's three others me's I've found so far then.

  3. I've thought of a much shorter, clearer questionnaire:

    Are you thebluefish?
    Yes - No - No preference
    What priority do you give this answer?
    High - Medium - Low

    I'm Reformation Theology apparently. Personified. I..nteresting.

  4. I also seem to be you. How exciting.

  5. I'm another blue fish! At first I thought we should have T-Shirts, but that would go against everything we believe in...

  6. I came out as "Worship Matters"

    I'll meditate on that. But given that my blog is "Against Heresies" I find that mystifying.

  7. I'm almost you, Dave, but I'm slightly more Adrian Warnock. It's what growing up in a New Frontiers church can do to you.

  8. Martin,

    Worship Matters & Against Heresies, an appropriate partnership.

  9. i'm dave too

    I think t-shirts would be appropriate 'I'm a bluefish too'

    it wouldn't go against all we believe in unless we were given them for free would it.

    Maybe, 'Bluefish' will come to denote a theological position...

    Bluefish Calvinism... ho ho ho

    (other merchandise: bound volumes for the Ref Bloggers and Sound hymnals for the non heretical worshippers)